About AG Pure Anti-Microbial Coating


Infectious chains are broken quickly and effectively.

Biocompatible Controlled Release
AG PURE® contains a modern system for the controlled release of active ingredients and thus fulfils all requirements for biocompatibility.

Chemically Resistant
AG PURE ® Sol-Gel coatings work perfectly with cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Made in Germany
The high-performance additive AG PURE ® is the most modern technology that is manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Perfect Hygiene
Products with AG PURE ® are completely protected against microbiological contamination.

Depot Function
With AG PURE ®, the concentration of Ag ions remains constant over the entire life of the treated products and thus guarantees 100% antimicrobial activity.

New Generation Antibiotics
AG PURE ® is a new generation of antibiotics for a healthy and clean environment

Protection Shield Against MRSA
AG PURE ® is the new generation of antimicrobial additives and therefore the last line of defence against multi-resistant germs such as MRSA and 3.4 MRGN.

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